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bakso simulator mod apk

Bakso Simulator Mod Apk Download

Bakso Simulator v1.7.1 MOD APK is a popular mobile game that allows players to experience running their own food cart and serving customers with various types of Indonesian meatballs or “bakso”. In this article, we will provide an overview of the game, its gameplay features, graphics and sound, MOD APK features, and a final recommendation on whether or not to use the MOD APK version.

Explanation of what a MOD APK is: A MOD APK is a modified version of an original mobile game, usually created by third-party developers. It includes features that are not available in the original game, such as unlimited resources or premium features, and is often distributed through unofficial channels.

bakso simulator mod apk Download 2022

Gameplay Features:

Bakso Simulator v1.7.1 MOD APK features a fun and engaging gameplay experience. Players start by building their own bakso cart and managing the day-to-day operations of their business. They must cook and serve customers, manage inventory and finances, and upgrade their cart and equipment to attract more customers.

The v1.7.1 update adds new features, including the ability to customize the look of the cart, expanded menu options, and more challenging gameplay modes. The game offers several modes, including the “Career Mode” where players must reach specific goals to advance, and the “Survival Mode” where players must keep up with the increasing demand for bakso while managing limited resources.

Graphics and Sound:

Bakso Simulator v1.7.1 MOD APK features colorful and detailed graphics that bring the bustling streets of Indonesia to life. The visuals are enhanced with various animations and special effects, creating a realistic and immersive experience for players. The game also features upbeat music and sound effects that add to the overall atmosphere of the game.

MOD APK Features:

The Bakso Simulator v1.7.1 MOD APK offers several features and benefits that are not available in the original version. Some of the most notable features include unlimited money and resources, all items and equipment unlocked, and access to premium features without having to pay. These features allow players to progress more quickly through the game and enjoy all its content without any restrictions.

However, using MOD APKs comes with potential risks and drawbacks, including the possibility of malware or viruses being present in the modified file. Additionally, using MOD APKs may violate the terms of service of the original game and could result in account bans or other consequences.

What is Bakso Simulator Mod Apk?

Bakso Simulator Mod Apk is a modified version of the original Bakso Simulator game that provides additional features, such as unlimited money and all items unlocked. The game allows you to run your own Bakso stall, serve customers, earn money, and upgrade your stall.

Benefits of Using Bakso Simulator Mod Apk

The benefits of using Bakso Simulator Mod Apk include:

  1. Unlimited money allows you to upgrade your Bakso stall and purchase all items without any limitations.
  2. All items are unlocked, so you can access them without completing any levels or challenges.
  3. You can enjoy the game without any ads.
  4. You can customize your Bakso stall with various themes and designs.

Key Highlights

  • All Platform Support
  • Create your own bakso restaurant
  • Explore the city!
  • Follow the exciting story about the city
  • Don’t forget to pay your employees
  • Done working? Go back home to sleep

Why Bakso Simulator Is So Popular?

Bakso Simulator Become popular on Jun 3, 2022, when so many famous game streamers on YouTube and Twitch started playing and live-stream this game. Due to this hype became for this and then the game got tremendous support from the rest of their audiences. To win this game, you need To build your own proper strategy and presence of mind so that you could take the right decision and you have to invest your money as a businessman.

In the game Bakso Simulator, you have to play as a business partner and you have to find your own investment strategy. If you invest properly you will grow your business on Bakso Simulator game. It’s so funny also this game is free but some features is premium you have to pay for that if you don’t want to pay the Bakso Simulator Mod Apk is for you.

Bakso Simulator Mod Apk

Bakso Simulator is a popular simulation game where players get to experience running their own Bakso (Indonesian meatball) business. The game has gained immense popularity among Indonesian gamers, and now with the introduction of Bakso Simulator Mod Apk, players can enjoy an even more immersive and exciting gaming experience.

Bakso Simulator Mod Apk is a modified version of the original game that offers additional features and unlimited resources that are not available in the standard version. The mod apk allows players to unlock all levels and upgrades, access unlimited cash and coins, and use all the premium features without spending a single penny.

The gameplay of Bakso Simulator revolves around running a Bakso business. Players start with a small cart and gradually expand their business by serving customers and earning money. They can use the money earned to buy new equipment, hire staff, and upgrade their recipes to attract more customers and increase profits.

In Bakso Simulator Mod Apk, players can enjoy all the features and benefits of the original game, along with some added advantages. With unlimited resources at their disposal, they can fast-track their progress and create the ultimate Bakso empire in no time. The mod apk also offers better graphics and sound quality, making the gaming experience even more enjoyable.

One of the standout features of Bakso Simulator Mod Apk is the ability to unlock all levels and upgrades. This means players can experience all the challenges and obstacles the game has to offer without having to wait or grind for hours to earn enough cash to progress to the next level. This feature alone makes the mod apk a must-have for anyone who loves simulation games.

Another feature that sets Bakso Simulator Mod Apk apart from the original game is the ability to access all the premium features without paying a dime. This includes access to premium recipes, customizations, and bonuses that are usually available only to players who make in-app purchases. With the mod apk, players can enjoy all these features for free and make their Bakso business even more unique and successful.


Create your own bakso restaurant

Yes, in the Bakso Simulator Game you can create your own bakso restaurant and you can buy your restaurant accessories like table chairs ac tv every accessory to build your bakso restaurant. You will start from a street food restaurant after that you have to develop your restaurant.

All Platform Support

Nowadays almost all the games releases for every platform, but there are a few games out there which have support to limited platforms only. It might support either Phone, PC, PlayStation, but in case of Bakso Simulator, it is all-rounder and support all the available gaming platforms where games can be played. That’s why this game got such a massive support in short span of time globally. But I’m sure you are a mobile player.

Explore the city!

In the Bakso Simulator Game you will get a big city here you can explore so many people or shop. From the shop, you can buy all accessories to develop your bakso restaurant. The city in the bakso game you will get property the best thing is this the city is match with the real world.

Done working? Go back home to sleep

You know this game is really professional if you are a businessman-minded person you will definitely love this game, because there is all features available like Don’t forget to pay your employees, have your own shop, own employees, and when you Done working? Go back home to sleep and don’t forget to design your house according to your liking.

Bakso Simulator Mod Apk with (Unlitmited Money)

This is a modified version of the original game where all the limitations have been eliminated, and the game is made super smooth for you to play. In this customized version we have made everything for free the items that used to come at a price and the items are locked for some kind of game-level demand. Here you will find Unlimited Money, All the skins have been unlocked, so you can use them as much you like to without any limitations.

bakso simulator mod apk Download

Mod Info

Unlimited Money

In this game the in-game currency is used to purchase in-game items but to purchase them you will need real money, we have done it unlimited so that you don’t run out of funds in the game. In-game currency is very, very important in almost every, as they are used to purchasing whatever item offered by the game. It can be any new skin, pet, hat and other items. By doing unlimited, the requirement of funds won’t be an issue, and you can freely use this as much you like to use absolutely free without purchasing anything.

No Ads

Advertisements are one of the most annoying thing available in any game or application. As the number of advertisements in Bakso Simulator game is very limited already, but we have managed to get rid of them too so that it looks clean and ad free. I know almost all of us hate advertisements, and watching them rarely benefits us. In some of the game it delivers some kind of benefit but in case of this there is no benefit at all, so there is no need to see those annoying ads which divert our concentration.

All Skins unlocked

There are various kinds of skins available in the game that makes your character looks beautiful and other in-game materials appears pretty while using in the game. But getting them requires in-game currency, and it requires real money to purchase. But here we also unlocked all the skins offered by the game for free. With this modded version, you can use any skin you want to use without making any purchase and participating in any events.

Bakso Simulator Mod Apk for Android

bakso simulator mod apk

The download link for Bakso Simulator Mod Apk is here and by clicking on the below button you can easily enjoy the premium features of the app.

NameBakso Simulator
RequiredAndroid 6.0 and up
SourceGoogle Play Store

How To Install Bakso Simulator Mod Apk?

If you don’t want to face any issue while installing Bakso Simulator Mod Apk then the below steps would be useful for you.

  1. Download the APK file from download button
  2. Find the Bakso Simulator .apk file from file manager
  3. Enable Unknown Sources (Settings > Security > Unknown Sources)
  4. Try installing the apk file once again
  5. Run the game

Note: In case if you have already installed the app try to uninstall the original version first of all then install the modified version.


Why is my App Bakso Simulator Mod Apk not installed?

You might have installed an older version of the App Bakso Simulator Mod Apk. Please download the latest version from the website.

Which Android Version Requires to install Bakso Simulator Mod Apk?

To install Bakso Simulator Mod Apk you need a minimum of Android 6.0

Which company develop Bakso Simulator game?

Bakso Simulator game is developed by Akhir Pekan Studio.

Which Country made Bakso Simulator game?

Bakso Simulator game is made in Indonesia.

Is it a paid app?

The App Bakso Simulator Mod Apk is free for you to download on your smartphone


Bakso Simulator v1.7.1 MOD APK is a fun and engaging game that offers a unique gameplay experience. While the MOD APK version provides additional features and benefits, users should carefully consider the potential risks and drawbacks before deciding to use it. Overall, we recommend playing the original version of the game to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Also, Bookmark this Site(BaksoSimulatorModApk.Com) for future updates of Bakso Simulator Mod APK. Every month BaksoSimulator release an update with perks of new features and bug fix.


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